Airline Time Days Duration & Stops

CGNROM (FR 3018) Check Time MTWTFS- 2h & Non Stop Book now

CGNLON (FR 2813) Check Time MTWTFS- 1h 25m & Non Stop Book now

CGNBER (FR 182) Check Time MTWTF-- 1h 15m & Non Stop Book now

CGNMIL (FR 8548) Check Time M------ 1h 25m & Non Stop Book now

CGNBER (FR 184) Check Time MTWTF-- 1h 15m & Non Stop Book now

CGNMIL (EW 4968) Check Time -----S- 1h 20m & Non Stop Book now

CGNBER (FR 190) Check Time MTWT--- 1h 15m & Non Stop Book now

CGNBER (FR 186) Check Time ------S 1h 15m & Non Stop Book now

CGNBER (FR 188) Check Time MTWT--S 1h 15m & Non Stop Book now

CGNMIL (FR 8518) Check Time -----S- 1h 25m & Non Stop Book now

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About Cologne (CGN)

Germany's fourth largest city, Cologne is located on both sides of Rhine River. It is considered to be one of the most liberal cities in Germany and is the hotspot for nation's media, tourism and business. The inner city was completely destroyed in the World War II and the reconstruction resulted in a very mixed and unique cityscape. People of this city are friendly and jovial in nature, welcoming tourists of all types and with all interests. The city is an important cultural and research centre and home to number of corporate headquarters. The University of Cologne is one of the oldest and largest universities in Europe. The city has a long list of sightseeing attractions. The city has more than thirty museums and hundreds of galleries. It is a major cultural centre and has a vibrant art scene. The Cologne Cathedral is one of the most famous monument and a respected landmark and was designated as a World Heritage Site. Twelve Romanesque Churches are outstanding examples of medieval church architecture. The city has park areas that encircle the entire town and are set aside as public recreation areas. The city has an excellent local transportation system consisting of trams, local trains, buses and bicycles. The strong side of this city is its cultural life. The Cologne Carnival is one of the biggest street festivals in Europe. The city is an important trade city with land, sea and air connections. High Street is the main shopping street and contains many gift shops, clothing stores, fast food restaurants and electronic goods dealers. Schildergasse has been named as the busiest shopping street in Europe with almost 13000 people passing through every hour. The city has a wide variety of restaurants, clubs, pubs and bars serving every cuisine. Weekend trips to this destination are very easy to arrange by booking cheap air tickets from The website offers you with host of travel services such as hotels, flights and holiday tours. gives you the freedom to book holiday packages that values your money and are easily suited to your needs and budget.