Airline Time Days Duration & Stops

RAJLON (9W 7130) Check Time MTWTFSS 16h 30m & 1 Stop Book now

RAJSIN (9W 7130) Check Time MTWTFSS 8h 50m & 1 Stop Book now

RAJSYD (AI 9632) Check Time MT---S- 15h 40m & 1 Stop Book now

RAJLON (AI 9632) Check Time MTW-FS- 14h 25m & 1 Stop Book now

RAJDXB (AI 9632) Check Time M------ 20h 15m & 1 Stop Book now

RAJHKG (AI 9632) Check Time M------ 21h 10m & 1 Stop Book now

RAJLON (9W 7002) Check Time MTWTFSS 24h 25m & 1 Stop Book now

RAJSIN (9W 7002) Check Time --WTFS- 27h 25m & 1 Stop Book now

RAJLON (9W 7206) Check Time --W---- 31h 40m & 1 Stop Book now

RAJSIN (9W 7206) Check Time --WTFS- 24h & 1 Stop Book now

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About Rajkot (RAJ)

Located in the Indian state of Gujarat, Rajkot is a city known for housing a number of museums, cultural attractions and a multicultural atmosphere. The presence of Kaba Gandhi Gate and the ancestral home of Mahatma Gandhi, which is now converted into a museum, tell stories about the association Mahatma Gandhi with this place. During a tour in Rajkot, visitors can discover the historical treasures of the Watson Museum; witness rare works of literature at the Lang Library or pay a visit to Rajkumar College- one of the oldest educational institutions in the country. A place of immense cultural significant and architectural brilliance, Khambhalida Caves is another place worth visiting in the city. Rampara Wildlife Sanctuary is an excellent place to discover interesting bird and animal species in their natural habitat. Bajana is another place famous for its royal safari camp in the region. One can also head to Jetpur- a place known for its textile industry, producing some of the most beautiful Indian clothes, when travelling Rajkot. Bangdi Bazaar is a local market in the city, where tourists can shop for a range of products, including silver imitation jewellery, designer bangles, Indian costumes, traditional footwear and a variety of other items. This city stands apart for its unique heritage, ethnic creations and traditional offerings, making it an important tourist destination. Avail travel packages at discounted prices from MakeMyTrip and travel around Rajkot in a hassle-free manner.