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Istanbul is a beautiful place visited by tourists from all across the globe. The place offers a fusion of European and Asian culture and systems. Istanbul travel package can be customized as per the requirement of the traveler. You can even book cheap Istanbul package by browsing the web for low cost deals. These low cost Istanbul packages usually comprise of the standard of accommodation offered to the client.

The Views and landscapes of Istanbul

Istanbul is as a matter of fact strategically place so this city offers you few of the majestic views. The landscape of the place is worth admiring. You should actually travel around the place by wearing a nice pair of shoes . Go visit the very famous Golden Horn, this is an area where the place is divided into the East and the West. Then there is Galata bridge where one enjoy the out of this world views. If money is not a constraint then you must, visit the Princess Islands. Here the Byzantine princesses and prince would exhaust their summer holidays.

Spiritual journey in Istanbul

There are so many mosques are in Istanbul. The Blue Mosque is extremely popular. You can even attend Dervish Ceremony to have a liberal taste of the religion. Christians must pay a visit to Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople. This is official seat of Orthodox Church. For close encounter with Byzantine Christianity, you can go see Church of Chora. This is very peaceful as well as well preserved. Then there is Grand Rabbinate of Turkey for the Judaists. The Italian Synagogue here are one of the most fine-looking Synagogues you can ever see. Spiritual diversity what you see in your Istanbul travel package you will not see anywhere.

Markets and shopping

Shopping is a very important part of Istanbul tour package. The traditional markets offer brilliant shopping experience. You can go shop at Egyptian Bazaar. You can shop for food,, tea, spices, and household items. Do not be scared to bargain.
So, go ahead plan Istanbul tour package and have a nice vacation which will leave a memory in your heart forever.
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