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Lucerne, situated on Lake Lucerne is an amazing gateway to central Switzerland. It is entrenched within inspiring mountainous scenery. This city ranks amongst the globe’s prettiest cities and it has lot of things to explore. All thanks to its splendid attractions, stunning lakeside view, close by Excursion Mountains of Pilatus, Stanserhorn and Rigi, this city is a wonderful destination for lots of travel groups or individuals while on their trip to central Switzerland. Lucerne package is an ideal starting point of lot of excursions for the major highlights of Switzerland.

Beauty Embodied in Lucerne
Custom and modernism stand side-by-side with simplicity in Lucerne, since the town has earned a standing for itself with pioneering design. The city boasts the 14th century timber bridge named as Chapel Bridge. On the other hand, the natural beauty of the place attracts the vacationers to this region. You need to check out Lucerne tour packages and see what all places you can explore there. Other spots of interest that includes in Lucerne travel packages are the Jesuit Church, the Lion Monument, the Musegg Wall, convention centre and the Mill Bridge which can best be explored on foot.

Festivals and Events in Lucerne

Lucerne, considered as the town of festivals offers all the year round music programmes, may it be classical music, jazz, bands and not to forget theatre shows. The culture of this town is quite unique and rich and the people out here are passionate about music. The famous concert hall in KKL Luzern is actually the view of music-making brilliance comprising of soloists and orchestras who are world renowned. If you opt for Lucerne package during festival or events taking place, then nothing like it. You are sure to cherish your visit to this town.

Restaurants and Shopping in Lucerne

Lucerne's cooking is well-known for its immense variety. Lucerne travel packages will definitely include traditional Swiss specialities along with ground-breaking and creative gourmet fare from all over the globe. Whatever may be the establishment; a cosy cafeteria or a classy restaurant demonstrates a profound passion of their art and craft. However, if shopping is not included in Lucerne package, then your trip is considered incomplete. Lucerne is a wonderful place for shopping and you do not really need to walk down far in the delightful Old Town in order to come across prosperity of superb boutiques and stores.
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