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Luxor is one of the most sought after destinations in Egypt flanked by people from far and wide.  It is a hub of culture and tradition. People specially plan Luxor travel packages. You can even browse the web for good Luxor tour package deals. The tombs and temples in Luxor attract all tourists. Luxor packages are always recommended as they always offer something new.

Places to see in Luxor

There are many places to see in Luxor but a good Luxor travel package usually includes Luxor Temple, Valley of Queens and Temple of Queen Hatshepsut. The Luxor Temple complex akin to other huge temples in Luxor offers a spectacular sight to the tourists. It houses few of the well known relics of the renowned rulers such as Rameses II and Queen Hatshepsut. This is an amazing temple which should be an integral part your Luxor tour package. The Valley of the Queens was made to safeguard and put to rest remains of Queens, consorts and children of Kings during old times. With this area you feel that how much respect King gave to their women in the past. Valley of the Queens is also popularly referred to as Ta-Set-Neferu. This means place of the Children of Pharaoh. Majority of royal family members were buried here.
Queen Hatshepsut was one of the most influential rulers in history of Egypt. She had a long period of rule. Temple of Hatshepsut is symbolic of power of this ruler. The temple is magnificent and colossal nature of the structure will leave you amazed.

Pulsating city Life

Luxor also boasts of an active city life. The place has numerous cafes, restaurants and bazars. The uniqueness of this place lends it a coveted quality. The place has all amenities of modern life so you will not regret your decision to travel here.
There are many other places in Luxor which tourists would love to visit. Luxor is as a matter of fact a city which should be part of your Egypt holidays. You would love coming here with your friends as well as family. So, book your Luxor package and have a fun filled vacation.Luxor Travel Packages - Book Luxury Luxor Travel Packages at MakeMyTrip. Enjoy the Luxury Luxor Travel Packages on Luxor Travel Packages. Explore MakeMyTrip…

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