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Rome, also known as the ‘eternal city’ is a place of immense loveliness, contrast and life. It is a spiritual world-centre for Catholic Church, the marvellous ruins of the Roman Empire plus contemporary bustling Rome. Everything here is on massive scale and concrete. You actually cannot miss out the Rome tour package so as how to explore the city, where to head for shopping and what to do during night. If you are interested to travel around the city and know about its superiority of life and cost of living, then you plump for Rome packages.

Big City Trinkets

Rome is the most visited cities of Europe and it is easy to witness why. Combine your Rome package with the prominent vitality and hospitality of the residents and definitely you will cherish your holiday all through your life.  The city is a dwelling of great artistic masterpieces and be definite to visit St. Peter's Basilica, Museo e Galleria Borghese and the ruins of prehistoric Rome. A vacation to Roman Forum will give you an idea about the cultural and political hub of classical capital. In your Rome travel package, look out for live archaeological excavations since more of the historical treasures are revealed. With its art, food, culture and wine, holidaying in Rome is like incredible, refining all that you can enjoy in life.

The Undying City

You make a list of amazing sightseeing places and marvel how to cover all that fits in Rome tour package. It is little tedious but still you can make your holiday memorable with most iconic historical sights of the world. The city of Rome is like a dissertation on Western Civilization along with a history which spans the ages, and possesses innumerable relics to provide evidence to it. Well-known in the world for its architecture, Rome flawlessly combines the antique and modern to promise an unforgettable city-break. You need not stuff everything in one visit since you will plunge under Rome’s spell and come back here again and again.

If you are planning to explore Rome on foot, then equip yourself with detailed maps. Also make sure that you plan your refreshment breaks in mouth-watering cafes within the city’s piazzas. Otherwise, the city is well connected with metro and bus routes.Rome Travel Packages - Book Luxury Rome Travel Packages at MakeMyTrip. Enjoy the Luxury Rome Travel Packages on Rome Travel Packages. Explore MakeMyTrip…

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