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Sharm-el-Sheikh is one of the topmost holiday destinations of Egypt. It is located on the Southernmost tip of Sinai Peninsula with Red Sea at one side and Mount Sinai on other side. This area is on the threshold of developing quickly with lots of premium hotels and apartments being built. The most important tourist area of this place is Nama Bay which is more or less 1 km long sandy beach and is packed with hotels, shops, restaurants and bars now. Sharm-el-Sheikh packages have truly grown the desire to travel around this city. Earlier, Nama Bay was the only tourist attraction there but now Sharm-el-Sheikh area stretches approximately over 40 km and you need to call for a taxi to roam around.
Sharm-el-Sheikh tour package is surely going to be fun. You may walk down to Nama Bay, but during summer you need to be little slow depending on the intensity of heat and during winter it can be very pleasant. You can also rent scooter, but you need to be extra cautious as driving in this city actually works as who dares to win.

Adventure Sports in Sharm-el-Sheikh

The city is not just about Sun, Sea and Sand. There are lot more other adventure activities available for you to indulge in, ranging from active sports to the gentle ones. Visit to two Ice Rings, one in Concorde and other in Soho Square is definitely included in Sharm-el-Sheikh travel packages. Since, the city is certainly a desert area and so the existence of Golf courses works a lot in order to sustain the summer heat. Sport fanatics can also go for desert safaris on quad bikes or motorbikes which is really lifetime experience. Arguably, you can find best snorkelling and scuba diving in this city. The fish and corals astonish every traveller to this area. It is always better if you opt for Sharm-el-Sheikh package as you can get to see all possible must-see places. 

Nightlife in Sharm-el-Sheikh

Sharm-el-Sheikh nightlife is on the rise. With few bars and clubs open till the dawn attracts lots of visitors. Some of the bars or clubs are operating in the afternoon alluring the visitors from their day’s outings such as Tavern plus Tavern 2. There are few more clubs that organizes live shows. One more happening area to party during night in Sharm-el-Sheikh is Soho Square at Savoy. So, enjoy your Sharm-el-Sheikh travel package and take home some treasured memories.Sharm El Sheikh Travel Packages - Book Luxury Sharm El Sheikh Travel Packages at MakeMyTrip. Enjoy the Luxury Sharm El Sheikh Travel Packages on Sharm El Sheikh Travel Packages. Explore MakeMyTrip…

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