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Turkey packages provide an overabundance of experiences with its wide-ranging culture and affluent history that completely blends with the spirit of contemporary lifestyle. This country comprises of an enthralling variety of cultural uniqueness, landscapes and exciting culinary surprises, making Turkey the most sought-after destination for all the tourists across the world.

Places to visit in Turkey

Turkey tour packages offers plethora of tourist places and the travelers can enjoy the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, discover the treasures in the museum of Anatolian Civilizations found in  Central Anatolia and discover the peaceful sights of Amasra, a tiny city on the coastline of Black Sea. Tourists can get appropriate Turkey tour packages and take pleasure in their hang about in this stunning Eurasian nation. The Dolmabahce Palace, another architectural wonder in the city Istanbul, features an unusual combination of quite a few conventional styles. Turkey has played a significant role in the development of Islam, Christianity and Judaism, this nation offers  unmatched prospects for spiritual tourism as well. The world famous Hagia Sophia, Selimiye Mosque, Blue Mosque and Fatih Mosque are must visit places for the tourists who are  religiously inclined. On your Turkey Travel Packages, you can also go the place where Abraham took birth. Travelers must ascertain that all these must visit places are included in their Turkey packages.

Beaches and Cultural Attractions

On your Turkey tour packages, you will come across beaches in large number where travelers can enjoy water sports swimming, kayaking and snorkeling, enjoy sunbathing, play volleyball on the beach. Tourists can spend time on the Caddebostan Beach that is situated at the meeting point of Bosphorus Straits and Marmara Sea. Another famous place for relaxation is Kucuksu Beach. From this destination you can enjoy picturesque sights of the Bosphorus Bridge. Cappadocia, another amazing city of Turkey is known for its extraordinary geological features and fascinating cultural and historical attractions. Another activity that the tourists enjoy on their Turkey packages is hot-air ballooning over Cappadocia which is an adventure of a lifetime. Popular for its dreamlike attractiveness, the Pamukkale has a large number of hot springs and also offers premium opportunities for trekking.

Shopping in Turkey

Shopping is amazing and tourists coming on a Turkey travel package love to shop for exclusive workings of Turkish art, that includes pottery, hand-woven carpets and ornamented house ware that can be seen in the boutique shops. Sali Pazari in Kadikoy and Carsamba Pazari in Istanbul are ideal places for shopping.

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